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June 2, 2012

Well my friends, it's been a while since my last blog and for that I apologise that I may have led you to believe I've had nothing to report. But oh contrary, there's been an almighty abundance going down this year and so this has been my first opportunity to tend to my website. The seeds of creativity became a great harvest and we shall not be needing to sacrifice Edward Woodward upon the Pagan fires whilst we sing with a gallivanting Christopher Lee (not just yet anyway).

Over the next few weeks I shall unravel my story of creative evolution with further blogs, images and videos. So, without further ado:

Back in October I received a call from Emmy award winner Steve Gomez of Bandito VFX to work on some Storyboard sequences for the third season of Monsters Inside Me  which was produced by Optomen for Discovery.

I've been a fan of Steve's work since he produced Visual Effects for Channel 4's Animals In The Womb and so it was an honour to be apart of such a great team. Each week I'd go into Bandito and sit with Director Steve and Animator Peter Duncan and we would go over the scripts for each sequence in the episodes, decipher the actions, movements, shots and lighting etc. Steve would dictate whilst I scribbled out very fast Thumbnails/ hieroglyphs for each frame shot and a few key notes.

Steve started out in the industry as a Storyboard Artist for TV commercials and so knew exactly how to get across to me what he wanted with such a great language, there was no chance of misinterpreting with what I needed to come back with over the next few days, as my Storyboards needed to please the Producers to allow the production to start, where the animators, compositors, editors etc would all be using my post production images as a guide. I was also given quite a lot of freedom with style and use of colour, so long as it made everyone happy.

So after a few hours of talking and scribbling, I'd take my notes back to my office/ bedroom and get on with creating a presentable set of sequences. A lot of the essence of the sequences of Monsters Inside Me are very gruesome and horrific and so, I had to portray that with my work. In fact, there also lay the only awkward part of the work. I was illustrating images such as single-celled amoeba and bubonic plague infecting the lymph-nodes of a Flea which at first seemed very easy to get lost within the awesome microscopic scale of what we were dealing with here, but as is with most situations where too much thinking can prove counter productive, it's best to let go and flow with what feels right.

I've been a big fan of the Horror genre since I was a child (though probably shouldn't have watched An American Werewolf In London when I was six, but hey, it paid off) and so this was a real fun piece of work to really sink my jagged canines into. And, I'm happy to say that my finished images were very much loved by the Producers, only needing a few minor alterations such as level of pull-back in a shot, or number of bacteria in shot, etc.

Monsters Inside Me - Season 3 aired in the US in December 2011 and in the UK in March 2012. I spanned over eight episodes and got some great ratings and reviews. The series in fact, got so much attention that there was a full episode of South Park called I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining with aped the whole concept. Oh, how i howled with laughter, seeing my work being mocked by one of my favourite shows, seeing how Eric Cartman's bowels are effected by the Mountain Dew he's just consumed. One for the CV? Oh yes.

You can view some of my sequences by viewing my Storyboards Page and some of the final cut by viewing my Media Page.

Be sure to tune in again shortly, when I upload more blogs and more visual stimulation in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime, be well and take care.


Wallets Out

October 19, 2011
Big THANK YOU to all of you who voted for me to participate in the Capture Cure Charity Auction.
Also, a big THANK YOU to Sedaka and Natasha for firstly inviting me to enter the publicly voted competition for such a great cause and opportunity.

Capture Cure is a Charity dedicated to saving lives by finding the causes of Breast Cancer, improving detection, diagnosis, treatment and services.

The exhibition and auction takes place on 28 October at the Pimlico Academy, London, from 6pm.

My piece "L...

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Capture Cure

September 18, 2011

Capture Cure is a group founded in 2009 to create art events in aid of charity. In 2011, they are again supporting Breakthrough Breast Cancer by holding an auction of donated artwork in October 2011 at a venue to be confirmed.

Breakthrough Breast Cancer is a pioneering charity dedicated to the prevention, treatment and ultimate eradication of breast cancer. We fight on three fronts: research, campaigning and education....
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An Italian Hat-Trick

May 19, 2011
This month marks my third exhibition at the Primo Piano Livingallery in Lecce, Italy.

Pop Revolution is an exhibition calling from artists in many different disciplines to present work on illustration, graphic art, , comic strip. pop music, objects, pop art and video animation.

My Video Animation is "Big Top", which is a Storyboard for the animated independent music video "Big Top" by Shooting Lead Rabbits. It is also a joint ongoing commission between myself, good friend Elwood Ruffle and my b...
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UK Debut Exhibition

April 7, 2011
Hello friends.

I am pleased to announce that on Wednesday 27th April I shall be making my UK debut at the Showcase London Exhibition as a Contemporary Artist.

It is also the new venue launch for Showcase London, which will now be hosted at Rich Mix, Bethnal Green and entry is completely free.

Art work and original prints will be on sale and you'll get a sneak peak at some of my current projects, including the animated music video "Big Top" for the band Shooting Lead Rabbits. Big Top is a joint c...
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Project Smile

March 30, 2011
Recently I was invited by Marek Wysoczynski to participate in "Project Smile"


“A day without a laugh is a wasted day” (Charlie Chaplin)
Therefore, the austrianculturalforum/cairo and the Polish Embassy in Cairo present „Smiles“, an extraordinary exhibition of smiles drawn by famous personalities and children suffering from cancer for the first time in Egypt.

For several years Marek Wysoczynski has been collecting Smiles, drawn or painted by famous personaliti...
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Sketchbook Project USA Tour

March 2, 2011
Febuary 19th marked the start of the Sketchbook Project run by the Art House Co-op in Brooklyn, NY.

The Sketchbook Project was organized into several titles. I went for "Sleepless" as I am a fan of burning the midnight oils and with a busy schedule lately, it seemed to be the only way to take on this project also. And, I loved every minute of it.


"But Johnny, isn't it a little late to blog something after it's start date?"
Why, not at all my little tortoise, for this touring exhibition tak...
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Hidden Leaves in Italy

February 2, 2011
This is a very special month for me, for it will mark my second Video Exhibition at the internationally acclaimed Primo Piano Living Gallery in Lecce, Italy.

The first exhibiton Cuore Pop was back in Dec 2010 and was my debut as an exhibiting Contemporary artist and I featured in a lineup including the late Andy Warhol.
The response to my video piece was so warmly welcomed, that curator Dores Sacquegna invited me back for the V Exhibition Language Is A Virus

It opens Tuesday, Feb. 8 at 18: 30 t...
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Hey Jumbo

January 8, 2011
Well, 2010 proved to be an absolutely amazing year for Carapace Ink, with acceptance into the more elite circles of the Art world, animations, my debut exhibition in Italy (all stories to be covered in my upcoming blogs very very shortly) and now I am a registered, contributing Artist to the new custom cards and calanders website; Hey Jumbo.


"So what's this Hey Jumbo?" I hear you ask. Well, what better explanation than straight from the mouth of the people behind the company:

"...A new conce...
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