Mermaids - The Body Found

Production Company: Darlow Smithson for Discovery US and Endemol UK
Visual Effects by: Bandito VFX
VFX Directed by: Steven Gomez

Comparison - "Beached" Storyboard to Final Cut

View the "Beached" Storyboard sequence by clicking on the image (above) or here.

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Fishermen 1940s

Da Vinci's Lost Book


Developing Merman

Bandito VFX - Monsters Inside Me: Season 3

Production Company: Optomen for Discovery
Visual Effects by: Bandito VFX

Click on the images below to view full Storyboard Sequences for Emmy Award winning Special Effects company Bandito VFX.
Directed by: Steven Gomez

 306: Ecoli

 306: Plague


307: Lemmierre's Disease

 307: Surgical Gauze

 308: Can Tab


308: Dengue Fever

 308: Rat Lungworm

 309: Button Battery


309: Streptococcus Anginosus

 310: Retractor

 310: Mycobacteria


 310: Naeglaria Fowleri

VDB Films: Mugabe, Me And A Million Tampons - Samurai Storyboard Sequence

Animated Storyboard sequence for Mugabe, Me And A Million Tampons by VDB films.

Director: Karin Stowe

Written by: Karin Stowe
                Johnny Jenkins

Music: Fantomas
          Book 1 - Page 4

Special thanks to: Hanna Adcock
                         Mike Patton
Buzz Osborne
                         Trevor Dunn
                         Dave Lombardo
                         Henry Jabelman
                         Elwood Ruffle
                         Dores & Riccardo Sacquegna
                         Victoria Emerson

Based upon the recurring dream that Gonzo Photojournalist, Karin Stowe: A man who's life work has been inspired by the Hagakure "Hidden Leaves": Book Of The Samurai

With a satirical approach and homage to Akira Kurosawa and Ichiyusai Hiroshige, Hidden Leaves is a high octane must see.

Shooting Lead Rabbits: Big Top - Music Video Storyboard Sequences

Below is a selection of Storyboard Sequences I was commissioned to create for U.K. Band Shooting Lead Rabbits. The Concept Music Video for "The Big Top" is currently in production, so keep them eyes and ears open for more upcoming material and info.

To view full screen and details of gallery images, simply click on the thumbnails.


Written by: Chris Jenkins
                   Johnny Jenkins
                   Elwood Ruffle

 Music by: Shooting Lead Rabbits

 Illustrated by: Johnny Jenkins

 Animated by: Elwood Ruffle